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NamePreferred DateUrgency (low - high)ReasonAdditional Persons InvolvedEntry Date
Vojislav Milanovic27/01/20163

Pipeline changes, and texture file managing changes.

Ahmed Nabil, Nicholas King2016-01-18 12:47:43
Andreea Gurbina10/03/201610

Handover of projects before I travel to Bali.

Megan Markel2016-01-18 13:06:13
Tallen Chow31/01/20165

Technical meeting involving color space and file extensions between departments.

Fernando Canevaro, Nicholas King2016-01-18 13:15:37
Andreea Gurbina 9


Tallen Chow, Madga Jamil, Nawaz Ahmed2017-05-18 02:32:05

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